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Our Vision

A constant source of innovation and experience to our customers, personalized to meet the challenges of change and demands of customer service in a globalized economy.
Our Mission

To provide the tools and expertise to our customers to enhance their agility and competitiveness in an environment of constant change.

Cananex Singapore Pte Ltd

Cananex Singapore Pte Ltd has been in business since 1995. Over the years, we have provided comprehensive solutions to our customers including the government, defence as well as multi-nationals. A large proportion of our customers are SMEs.

The guiding principle for Cananex is that it seeks to enhance our customer’s competitiveness in the global market by providing solutions that relate their business objectives. We enhance network infrastructure availability by providing a wide range of network management tools (being the proverbial one-stop provider of network management solutions) and collaborative solutions that leverage on the potential of the internet to enable a dispersed workforce to collaborate as if they were in the same office (the irrelevance of location).

Recently, we are also providing Enterprise Architecture solutions, which add a meta level to our customers’ ability to manage their IT resources. This seeks to put sense into the headlong dive into IT implementations without regard to overall business objectives and direction. We provide training and consulting service in Business process management that leverages on the latest BPMN methodologies leading to Business Process Automation using web services. This results in our enhancing our customers’ competitiveness in the global market.

In short, we provide business-driven IT solutions.

Network Management

Network management improves the availability of infrastructure which is a major investment in any organization. Fault monitoring, performance monitoring, inventory management, as well as environmental monitoring are all critical to the continuity in operations of any IT infrastructure. We carry products that are easily installed and can give an ROI within hours compared framework systems. Remove the anxiety of your network failing without your knowing it; better still, anticipate outages so you can implement additional capacity before they happen.

Collaborative Solutions

Today’s business environment requires instant responses to customers’ needs. It is imperative that email systems are in place. A recent development is the need of an Instant Messaging System, especially for call centers, so that customers can be attended to without delay. Video conferencing has removed the need to travel long distances for meetings. The same result can be achieved sitting at your desks. FTP as well as powerpoint compression software allow large files to be shared out expeditiously.
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